Saturday, May 02, 2009


Had a nostalgic time at Andrew Logan's Alternative Miss World contest at the Roundhouse tonight. First of all, I met the columnist, Madame Arcati (He's a man and his blog makes riveting reading), who fed me scurrilous stories while drip-feeding me with free champagne from the VIP bar. Also crushed inside the VIP bar were Bianca Jagger, Ken Russell, Tim Curry (flashing his gorgeous white teeth), casting director Ulla Larson, Molly Parkin, Time Out's Tony Elliott, handsome poet, Hugo Williams and the witty Julian Clary. Also, the vivacious Helen Ralli who designed the cover for my Young adult novel, Crushed was making a killing, selling programmes to all and sundry! Her 'partner in crime' was Jessie Lieberson (Molly Parkin's granddaughter). After I had finished ogling the slick show (produced by Michael Davis, part choreographed by Morgann Runacre-Temple) from the comfort of my balcony seat, I bumped into Jeff Dexter who besides being the most famous international d.j. in the Sixties, used to MC and co-ran the LEGENDARY Implosion Events at the Roundhouse. We walked round the refurbished engine shed reminiscing about the Old Days (when I used to be in nappies).

'You used to be the only one who wore bright red lipstick,' he remembered.

Not true tonight, as everyone was plastered with the stuff.
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