Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Sale For Book Fiends

Book Hounds, myself included won’t be able to resist this tempting sounding Book sale:

Presented by Iphgenia Baal, James Birch, the illustrious Art Curator and Art Dealer, Carla Borel and Barry Miles , it will be held at the A22 Gallery in Clerkenwell (at 22 Laystall Street London, EC1R 4PA) on the following dates: Friday 2nd December Saturday 3rd December Sunday 4th December Noon – 6pm each day.
(Peter York), James Birch and Barry Miles
at James's Christine Keeler exhibition at the Mayor Gallery, Cork Street.
I have run out of storage space but because in case I do discover some gems at the sale, I can always syphon off some of my old gems to Oxfam. And then when I realise I can't live without them, I can always go and buy them back like I have done on numerous occasions in the past.

One precious book I shall not be banishing to make way for new titles is my signed edition of Barry Miles’ most recent biography William S. Burroughs: A Life. It's a classic.


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