Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Keep It In The Family

Who said that Nepotism stinks?! My brother-in-law, the 'legendary' Austin de Lone has just confided he is producing his favourite singer, Caroline de Lone's first album. Caroline is his just-turned seventeen daughter, and is my niece! (I dedictated Crushed, my YA novel to her). 'Audie' is his daughter's manager, and currently 'Coco' is developing her original material for the album.

When Mill Valley based Caroline stayed with me last summer, I thought her powerful voice was going to blast a hole in my kitchen ceiling when she rehearsed 'Mercy' for her appearance in her dad's band at last year's Poretta Soul Festival. Austin is taking his eleven piece band (keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, 4 horns, and Sweet Nectar, his background singers to play there this year (July 23-26), and also at the Umbria Jazz Festival (July 10-19).

If that ain't enough, Austin is currently in the studio, mixing blues singer Lisa Kindred's (no relation!) new album (out this summer). He will also be gigging with the harmonica star, Norton Buffalo (not a blood relative) this month. Phew!
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