Thursday, August 30, 2012

Johnny "V" Vernazza Makes Musical History

Johnny "V" Vernazza by Arlic Dromgoole

It's not only traditional publishing which is in the doldrums - for instance well-known writers like Monty Python's Terry Jones get funding for their books on sites like Wired, it seems that the Establishment's Music Business is in the doldrums too.

 One of my Fave Rave established musicians has got to be Johnny "V" Vernazza, the sublime slide and lead guitarist who has worked with the best producers in the Business; and played guitar with many Blues greats like Steve Miller, Chicago guitarist Luther Tucker, Sunnyland Slim, Rock& Roll Legend Chuck Berry, George Thorogood, Greg Allman, Charlie Daniels, Commander Cody and the Lost Planet AirmenElvin Bishop plus the Legendary Austin de Lone to name just a few.

The legendary Austin de Lone

Although Johnny has worked with the Music Industry's Major labels, he now has a Kickstarter page set up for the funding of his next CD Lions and Thieves.

The fascinating promo about Vernazza is self-explanatory and if one wishes to become an executive producer, all one has to do is donate!

The promo's Kickstarter cover photo and also most of the shots of Vernazza with other legendary players is by the painter, photographer and filmmaker Arlic Dromgoole, who incidentally should start a Kickstarter Page for his singing and songwriting talents alone (click on Real, which Dromgoole co-wrote with Michael Roach).

 Johnny Vernazza's project will only be funded if at least $10,000 is pledged by Wednesday September 26, but as $1,415 has already been raised since Johnny's Kickerstarter site appeared on line two days ago, then he shouldn't have any problems if his admirers click on this link: Kickstarter and donate.