Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fish in Kensington

I now have an amazing photograph titled 'Deliverance' hanging on the wall in front of my computer. It's a limited edition of ten, taken by the photographer Peter Herbert in 2007. (His photos are 'unusual combinations of people in places using single frames with no cropping of image as links space between people and place'). David Blyth, the New Zealand film director has the same photo hanging in front of his computer in his New Zealand beach house.

'I am fascinated by a shop window in Kensington with fishes used for fishing: the reflection of a busy city street in South Kensington intrigues me as much as does this artificial transposed image of nature in a city environment,' is how Peter describes the inspiration for his unusual photograph.

Peter is also a gallery curator (his next curated exhibition of art work is from Pentonville Prison called 'The Freedom Of Art' at the Conference Centre, St Pancras Hospital from June 19 to August 20) and a committed film buff. (He asks questions like, 'who dubbed Ingrid Thulin's voice in the 1961 Hollywood movie, 'The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse'? Answer: Angela Lansbury). Peter even managed to take a photo of Ken Russell at the recent Alternative Miss World bash at the Roundhouse, and also managed to quiz him about his 'controversial' 1971 flick, The Devils. Peter also does Civil Partnership Photography, and his voluptuous singer songwriter daughter Kiria Ceinwen is in the midst of making her first album.
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