Tuesday, May 12, 2009

S.C.U.M. And ART


Schlepped down to the Smithfield Gallery for a 'Shine On' titled exhibition, which consisted of recent work from '25 years of past and present' students of South Hampstead High School. Helen Ralli is an ex-pupil and is now doing a BA Graphic Design course at Camberwell (she also designed the cover for Crushed, my YA novel). Martin Bivand, who acts as the Head of Art at South Hampstead must be doing something right.

Helen's faithful dad John was my escort for the evening and we both decided doing our duty was well worth the effort. Helen Ralli had some of her spooky art on the walls, as well as a film titled 'What do you want if you don't want money?' Judging by her original art, she will never have to worry about future dough. (I'd be happy to decorate her stuff with a red sticker any time).

Surrounding Helen were her friends/housemates: Alice Rigby (on the same course as Helen) and her angelic looking sister, Melissa (Mel for short) who has just completed a 13 date UK tour. She is the (professional) drummer of a 'Darkrock' band called S.C.U.M. She is the only girl in the five piece band. Some girls have all the luck.


helen said...

Great to see you last night, your write up is too kind, you'll be recieving a limited edition etching shortly!
Glad you could be there. See you soon X

Frances Lynn said...

Thanks Helen! I love your work, so am thrilled about the etching gift. xx