Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Procrastination is addictive

Before John Kobal, the film historian died (he had the largest movie stills collection in the world), he was writing a book on Cecil B. De Mille which unfortunately didn't get published posthumesly. He used to call me at the crack of dawn every morning without fail and a) inform me how his writing was progressing, and b) how many pages he had just printed out in order to put in his file. I have just unearthed a shocking pink file in my (cluttered) office and now want to print out my work-in-progress novel's pages to file. Mind you, when I do print out what I have written, it looks (horrible and) completely different than what it looks like on the screen. But now, I am thinking perhaps a green file I've got would be more suitable for my new book! I have started to write again but I can't resist procrastinating.