Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marin Human Race To Beat The Olympics

Richard de Lone 

Anyone who lives in the Marin area might like to dig out their vintage trainers and start training by powerwalking around the block and beyond.

The Richard de Lone Special Housing Project is having its 3rd annual run in the 2011 Marin Human Race on May 7th.

This year, the event's runners feature Whitman Donaldson, who is the son of RDSHP's board members Michelle and Kevin, and who has Prader-Willi Syndrome.

Lesley de Lone, who is Richard de Lone's mother will be rockin' for her son, likewise her daughter Caroline, Richie's sister. They are currently running their guts out, preparing for the Great Race. They are so fit, they could easily qualify for the Olympics!

Several of Richard's teachers from Cypress School will also be running on the day, alongside a team of neighbourhood kids - Will Coomber, Lucas Alper and Olivia Gerraty, and a team of runners from Southern Marin Fire Department, led by Johnnie Alper.

If anyone would like to donate..... go to Marin Human Race, click on Participating Organizations, scroll down to the Richard de Lone Special Housing Project link, type in the name of the runner whom you wish to sponsor, and GIVE, GIVE, GIVE! All donations will go towards the Richard de Lone Special Housing Project.