Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sat Raimondo - The Healer who unnblocks writers

My RSI has been so chronic recently, I recently consulted a powerful healer called Sat Raimondo after a friend insisted I see him. I was praying for a miracle and got it. Sat Raimondo works from his home in central London and I arrived not knowing what to expect: I've never consulted a healer before. He instantly made me feel at ease by talking about ordinary things. He was absolutely charming. He sat me in a chair and did spiritual healing on me. He told me to shut my eyes, so I was unable to see what he was doing. I felt a deep heat when he lightly touched my limbs and hands and immediately I felt incredibly relaxed. I had no sense of time so didn't know how long the healing session took, but afterwards, he gave me the most wonderful massage on my hands for ages. Afterwards, I floated back home on the tube, completely oblivious to the rush hour crowds. He must be a miracle worker as he seems to have cured me. Since going to him, I have been typing frenetically without my thumb joints threatening to pop out of their sockets. Since going to him, my writer's 'block' has disappeared and I'm full of creative ideas. I know who to consult when I get blocked with my writing again.

(Sat Raimondo, who also gives all kinds of healing including Reiki, also does psychic readings and Indian head massages. He can be contacted on 020 7242 2163 or at