Friday, June 26, 2009

An Exclusive Jewellery Sale

Andrew Logan held an exclusive jewellery sale for a sole customer at his London studio today. Ann Sharkey, who in her heyday was the best dancer on the London stage missed Andrew Logan's jewellery sales in the evenings held at his studio this week.

Ann was unable to buy Andrew's jewels from his on line shop, as she hasn't got a computer yet (shopaholics desperate to buy Andrew's baubles, click on Andrew Logan's shop to buy buy buy!), so Andrew kindly invited her round to his place to buy something in person this morning.

After Ann had a good look round viewing Andrew's diverse collection of his jewellery displayed on all the walls, she was torn between buying a bracelet, a broach or a necklace, but finally settled for a GIGANGTIC blue ring, which any Pope would be proud to wear on his pinky finger. (Ann even tried on the crown which has been historically plonked on the head of every winner of Andrew's Alternative Miss World contests over the years, but Andrew had to tell her it wasn't for sale).
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