Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sun of gOd

Gregory Sams, the 'social thinking' author of Uncommon Sense is hosting his second UK launch tonight of his new book, Sun of gOd (Paul McCartney sings 'Sun is Shining' from his 'Fireman' album) on the nifty promotional video) at the inSpiral Lounge. (His first London launch was recently held at the October Gallery, and I've already got my signed copy of the book which is fascinating and thought provoking stuff! I gave him my novel, Frantic in return!).

Hoppy, who will be in attendance is having his own photographic exhibition (starting June 19) at the Idea Generation Gallery. Also, a poet called Becs will be delivering her commissioned 'Ode to the Sun' poem which is devoted to the Sun and inspired by Sun of gOd from which the content is drawn. And for all you poem lovers out there, this is an extract from Becs' opus ( who knows? She might be the the future Poet Laureate!):

"I'm the biggest bling
On your galactic ring,
The jewel in the cosmic crown
Of the Universal Palace.
I exist without; ego, love or malice.”

Sliding towards worship, away from illumination,
You – I?
I – it – creating separation?!
But you can do it all!
“Please ripen these grapes for me. All the way round if you please…”

Interstellar Rockefeller shamanic priests were – a coursing conduit from planet to star,
Surely the purest connection by far?!
Bacteria is perceived as miniscule billions, disconnected, single and free,
Rather than one intelligent entity!
And when it comes to procreation
Bacteria don’t need no sex, it’s an easy mission
It’s all done with binary fission!

"Oh Mr Sun, Sun Mr Golden Sun
Shine your light on me.”

Come on over!
We’re having a blast at the furnace of fire!!

“Liar, Liar pants on fire!”
Fanning the flitting photons of light
Crystalline thermals of imperceptible flight.'

The food tonight ought to be good, as Greg invented the 'VegeBurger,' and with his older brother Craig (of 'Green & Black' organic chocs) introduced macrobiotic food to this country. First, they opened Seed, a magical macrobiotic restaurant in Paddington, which was patronised by the 'psychedelic scene' including rock musicians like John Lennon and Jimi Hendirx plus Jeff Dexter, the popular Sixties D.J. before they started Harmony Foods, which evolved into Whole Earth Foods. I used to be hooked on their peanut butter, but confess I abandoned the ying and yang 'mathematics' of macrobiotics after fasting on brown rice for days before succumbing to an overdose of Mars Bars!

Gregory is devoting his time to writing now, and judging by his latest book, Sun of gOd, he's definitely in the right orbit.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like an inspiring night! Wish I could have been there! Sounds like my kind of thing! The trajectory of Gregory Sams's life and interests is intriguing! It makes sense that a passion for health would eventually lead to the source of life on earth. Most people take the sun for granted, (including me!) I did some googling and saw that 'Sun of gOd' is all about how the sun is an aware entity. What a thought! I look forward to reading the book!