Monday, March 29, 2010

Andrew Logan Delivers

Thank goodness I'm wearing waterproof mascara. I've just received a surprise birthday present from Andrew Logan (the cover of his biography An Artistic Adventure is pictured) in the post.

Luckily, Andrew's gift (a pair of his unique one-off earrings and a matching broach) arrived safely, even though it hadn't been escorted by Fort Knox styled security.

It's so handy being friends with  a  sculpturist who prolifically creates original jewellery. (His jewels can be bought on line from his Andrew Logan website).

Incidentally, I first ogled Andrew during the early Seventies in Gillian Gregroy's tap dancing class at the old Dance Centre in Covent Garden's Floral Street. Andrew was one of the best dancers in the class and was a permanent fixture in the front row. I made sure I stood behind him, copying his every tap move. We've been buddies ever since.
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