Friday, January 29, 2010

Almost Better Than Polygamy

At character actress Marianne Stone's (above pic) fun and tearful memorial party held at Lauderdale House, I was impressed how Mary Noble's (Marianne's real name) youngest daughter Kara Noble manages to stay best friends with all of her exes.

Although Kara (who now has a Property Empire) emigrated to Los Angeles after her glittering career as a radio presenter came to an abrupt end, she has managed to stay closely in touch with all of her ex UK based husbands.

While she was entwined with Bruce, her current American beau at the bash, she merrily reminisced with three of her ex-husbands: husband number one - Robert Frew (bottom pic - on the right), an antiquarian book seller and father of Kara's son Nick. Husband number two: ex-Capitol Radio producer Simon Booker (pic 6), now a TV writer. Partner number three: advertising guru Nick Fox (bottom pic - on the left), a scion of the Fox's Biscuit Family, and even an old flame whom she dated in her teens: the musician and film composer Nick Laird-Clowes (pic 5) when they both had waist length hair.

What's also amazing is that all of Kara's ex-husbands and partners are all the best of friends. How does she do it?!

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