Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mick Jones Guests With The Rotten Hill Gang

I was having lunch with Richard Young, the celebrity photographer/ my old photographer on the defunct Ritz Newspaper today. (One of his sons is Sam Young, the international d.j.). We were in the middle of fondly reminiscing about our 'crazy' times working together (once we were trapped underneath the Palladium's stage with Mink de Ville and his band just before they were due to perform).

Richard suddenly announced he is co-managing the band, the Rotten Hill Gang with Stephen Webster, the jewellery designer. Ex-Clash vocalist and lead guitarist, Mick Jones of Carbon Silicon will be in the band's line-up on the night along with ex-fellow band members of the Big Audio Dynamite.

Richard has invited me along to the Rotten Hill Gang's next gig on February 10th at the Movida club in Argyll Street, built amidst the vaults of the London Palladium Theatre. I shall be there!

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Anonymous said...

Well strictly speaking Mick's not actually in Rotten Hill Gang, we just can't get rid of him! Not that we want to of course :-)

See you at Movida.