Monday, January 19, 2009

The Bonnie Simmons Show

When I was in the San Francisco Bay area over the Christmas holidays, the de Lone family took me to visit Bonnie Simmons, who until recently managed the band Cake for eight years. She is currently busy hosting her "eclectic" weekly show on KPFA. Unfortunately I missed Austin de Lone's and Paul Roger's live appearance on her show a few days ago. Their performance was hyped as:

'BOTH playing their grand piano at the same time - original songs and covers, ranging from the sentimental to the sardonic - just the way they like it.'

All was not lost. I visited the Bonnie Simmons site, found the relevant link and was able to wallow in retrospect (!) while listening to them on line. Did see Audie and Paul perform in the highly entertaining Christmas Jug Band in Mill Valley during my vacation. Both musicians appeared to do a witty double act with their accordions, and Paul's laugh out loud daft dancing was a hoot.
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