Sunday, November 18, 2012


I have discovered some novel new music: a form of addictive 'Balearic dance', which covers the eclectic nature of the Dance Scene which erupted from Ibiza. I can actually listen to it while I write, and do the ironing!

A sublime Disc Jockey called DJ Howard (read about him on his blog), whose Eclectika Sessions have been building a worldwide following with his monthly broadcasts on the US dance station Frisky Radio, is my new best friend.

 (Listen and download his eclectika sessions sounds on this iCloud link, and download them onto your computer).

 Fortunately for me and his besotted fans, Howard, who performs all over the globe will be appearing in the Upstairs Bar at London's Groucho Club on Friday, November 30th from 9-3ish pm until 3'ish.

'I am a child of the Sixties raised on Zappa, Grateful Dead, Beatles etc but in the late 80's became entranced by the emerging dance music culture because I recognised the creation of new sounds in it. Subsequently the movement has mutated to form many different sub genres embracing everything from Latin, Jazz and minimal Techno. I try to reflect this diversity with Eclectika Sessions,' he said.

 'I play lots of echoes from things gone by which serves as a doorway,' Howard informed me after I asked him to try and describe his eclectic sounds.

 So how did I initially meet DJ Howard? I had a crisis with my ancient MacBook and heard on the Mac grapevine, Howard's alter-ego by the name of MAC MAN was a genius with anything to do with Macs.

 In desperation, I contacted the MAC MAN at his address.

 'I  go to offices and homes. I have been doing this for ten years and have literally hundreds of satisfied and long standing clients round  London. I am rarely defeated,' Howard said, while I sobbed hysterically.

 He was right. Not only did he revive my old Mac in one session, he also alerted me to his refreshing, addictive sounds.

 I predict I shall be dancing at his illustrious gig at Groucho Club on Friday, November 30th. I can't wait!

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