Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Fry Up At Dingwalls


The Pub Rock genre was undisputedly started by Eggs Over Easy, an early 70s American country rock band which attracted musicians like Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe, whose future careers were totally motivated and inspired by The Eggs.

These musicians were amongst the 'respectful' fans who regularly 'worshipped/let their hair down' at The Eggs' musical shrine at their packed out Tally Ho London pub residency.

I was in America during most of the early Seventies so to my knowledge never saw the legendary band play live in the United Kingdom. However, a few years later, I first met my brother-in-law Austin de Lone in London where he dragged me on an endless pub crawl. I drunkenly slobbed and sobbed into my drink how tragic it was I had never seen Eggs Over Easy play.

Eggs Over Easy

But now (boom boom boom!) Austin and his fellow original Egg Jack O'Hara (Download his hypnotically melodic new album Sooner Or Later from iTunes) will be headlining in a massive pub rock gig at Dingwalls on Sunday November 13th.
Jack O'Hara, Brian Hopkins, Austin de Lone

This is the first time they have performed in London since 1971. And I predict I shall be fighting (with knuckle dusters) for a table in front of the stage!

Austin de Lone. 

Other legendary acts playing at this undoubtedly beer sodden gig will include Duck Deluxe, who've invited Brinsley Schwarz to play with them, The Tex Pistols and Starring Eyed & Laughing. Also appearing will be the Egg's original UK drummer, former member of the Animals, John Steel, and former Chilli Willi bass player, Paul "Bassman" Riley!

Eggs Over Easy at Dingwalls. Photo credit: Jeff Dexter

Pub rock fanatic Mike Halpern, the American musical impresario who is staging the concert has warned me that tickets are selling out quickly, so pub rock fanatics flock on line to Dingwalls to book.

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