Monday, June 14, 2010

My Favourite Blog Bows Out

I'm devastated! Are my days of procrastination finally over? It looks like my favourite blog of all time: the cackle out loud witty Madame Arcati, which I'm compelled to devour on a daily basis is taking a long siesta.

'I'm leaving my followers for a while,' regally declares Madame Arcati.

The non-pornographic blog, which is authored by the genius astrologer Victor Olliver (pictured above),  who moonlights as the award-winning journalist, broadcaster and author (Farce Hole) was censored by Google yesterday, who mysteriously slapped an '18' certificate on the popular site. (Almost 200,000 hits this year to date).

Fortunately for Madame Arcati's international fans, the blog is not disappearing from the net forever, which is just as well as it's the only one I can be bothered to read.

'I shall pop up elsewhere from time to time, as will the person who imagines he is me. My thanks for your interest, your contributions, your praise and abuse. A New Moon in Gemini is a good time to move on,' Madame announces on her final post.

It looks like I shan't have to wear my funeral drag for the rest of eternity then.
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