Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hubble Bubble - A Magical Solution For Noisy Neighbours

If it wasn't for the ace astrologer Laura Boomer coming to my rescue,  I suspect I would be spending the rest of my existence incarcerated in Broadmoor.

Ever since my new neighbours have moved in, I have been serenaded by the constant bang bang banging of their teen soon's football practice during his waking hours which has been prohibiting me from writing (any excuse!).

I was fantasising about pouring boiling oil over this boy with relish, but when I ranted and raved to  Laura about how  this his enthusiastic athleticism  was seriously getting me down, she offered to give me an 'invocation to Mercury' which Laura explained is the planet of communication.

'Dill (as a bach flower remedy).  Fennel (in salads and steam cooked).  A bunch of either Thyme or Lavender or Peppermint or Lemon Verbena or Marjoram near where you work (either dried or living). You might also want to mix two or three of these strong scents together, but only if they please you. You could also grow some of these herbs on a window sill nearest the neighbour who bugs you. And a A fern in your garden would also be good,' she said.

I was so desperate, I decided to follow Laura's advice  and tried out her invocation on Wednesday (according to Laura, it's the day of Mercurcy as well as being the planet of neighbours). Her invocation seems to be working already as I am not even fantasising this boy will break his leg, just praying his family will emigrate to Australia during his summer holidays. AAGHHHHHH!
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