Friday, June 03, 2011

The Vanished

Clive Ashenden is a young film maker to watch. We met several years ago at the  RADA bar during a horror genre scriptwriters' workshop held at the drama school. We immediately hit it off discussing mainly George Romero's movies and torture porn.

Our friendship was consolidated after he  invited me to a screening of his award winning short Snatching Time, which later freaked out the appreciative audience at the FrightFest horror festival.

Clive has just written, directed and edited (click the link to view:) The Vanished, a viral video commissioned by The Seafarers charity.

The Seafarers video, which was produced by in aid of The Seafarers UK charity stars, and stars Scott Hinds is a successful attempt to do something different from a normal charity video.

'It's much more exciting than that description makes it sound,' Clive says and he's right.

Clive  is also currently in the process of securing a Producer for the horror feature film Habeas Corpus.  Although he wrote and directed the teaser trailer for it - 155,194 views and counting on YouTube,  he is only one of five directors on the film and his section was co-written with Ben Woodiwiss.  

Clive Ashenden's prolfic C.V. includes Code Grey (which he starred in, co-wrote and co-produced with Rob Wickings). it was awarded the Best UK film, screened in competition at the recent Cambridge Super8 Film Festival.

Both of Clive's parents are practising mediums, and when his mother once gave him regression therapy, during the treatment he woke up to find himself incarcerated inside an Iron Maiden, a medieval torture instrument. He is still hesitant to discuss this gruesome experience in depth, but the regression therapy must have done something right, for immediately afterwards, he conquered his writer's block and started scribbling his first feature script and horror shorts, for Sick Puppy Films (maker of Clive's creation: the notorious Snatching Time).

So why 'the hell' am I plugging Clive? Not only is he an original talent, but he has promised to give me a role in Habeas Corpus on one condition: if the Special Effects transform me into an apparition gruesomely beyond all recognition.

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