Friday, September 17, 2010

Andrew Logan Opens A New London Shop

The iconoclastic jeweller and Sculptor Andrew Logan has recently opened his gorgeous new shop (above) inside his studio emporium (at The Glasshouse, Melior Place, London SE1 3QP), which now flogs his exotic and unique jewels to his rabid and appreciative fans.

As I fancied a choker and a matching pair of glass earrings, I couldn't resist making my way to Andrew's 'surreal emporium for all', where I was amazed to see the Mill Valley based singer/songwriter Caroline de Lone trying on some of Andrew's unique jewelled headgear in his studio.

So what was the charismatic Caroline de Lone doing in London? Trying to find a dynamic new stage outfit for her next concert appearance of course!

She and her musician/producer father Austin de Lone  will be opening for Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe at her brother Richard de Lone's benefit concert at San Francisco's Great American Music Hall on October 1st (phew!).

Maybe I should order a bespoke, magic flying glass carpet from Andrew Logan to transport me over the pond in order to hear Caroline's hypnotic voice serenade her smitten Bay Area audience.  

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