Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Book co-op

I went to a new book co-op meeting at the Writers' Guild of Great Britain's office in Kings X at lunch time. (Tasty catered food). The co-op will be a non-profit making limited company, but the Guild is supporting it. One of the co-op's aims is to help book writers (traditionally published and self-published) with their marketing. A brilliant idea! When my two novels ( "Crushed and "Frantic") were published in 2006, I had to promote them myself on the net: a time consuming learning curve. The new book co-op will be extremely useful when I (finally) finish my third novel.

I thought the meeting was very interesting. At the end of the meeting, an enthusiastic writer/poet called Leo Aylen wrote down headline stuff like: 'Are you interested in additional distributing for books? Are you thinking of self-publishing? Are you interested in joining a writers' co-operative open only to Guild members? The first stage is to create a website with a page given to every subscribing member. The cost will depend on the number of subscribing writers.' He then stormed into see the Guild's Assistant General Secretary. 'Print that in the e-bulletin,' he commanded. It was just like, 'Hold the Front Page!' This new book co-op is going to have another meeting quite soon. Material for a new play, perhaps?!

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